Steps To Take When You’re Under a Tornado Warning

Tornadoes are among Mother Nature’s most destructive forces. In the United States, tornado season usually runs from March to June and can cause extensive damage and destruction in its wake. That’s why it’s important for all homeowners living in tornado-prone areas to prepare for when a warning happens near their homes. Here are some steps to take when you’re under a tornado warning and how they can keep you safe in a crisis.

Stay Alert and Monitor the Weather Forecast

When a tornado watch comes through on the news, be sure to stay alert and monitor the weather forecast for any updates or changes. A watch means that conditions are right for tornadoes, while a warning means that there’s a spotted tornado nearby. Make sure to keep an eye out for alerts coming from the radio, television, social media outlets, and online sources, such as the National Weather Service (NWS). This way, you can stay sufficiently informed as these events progress, and you can rush to safety at the right time.

Find Shelter Immediately

Once you know your risk level, it’s important to find shelter immediately. Ideally, this should be a dedicated storm shelter or basement with no windows and plenty of sturdy furniture or walls that can provide protection from flying debris from outside. If no such space exists in your home, try to find an interior room without windows—such as a bathroom or closet—and get as low as possible by crouching against an interior wall away from windows and doors.

Have Supplies Ready

Another vital step to take when you’re under a tornado warning is to gather any additional safety supplies you might need. It’s best to have these supplies ready ahead of time so that you don’t waste precious time gathering them during a warning. Still, you may find yourself collecting a final few things before securing your family in your bunker. Have flashlights, batteries, first-aid kits, and other essential items easily accessible so that you can grab them quickly before heading off to find shelter. It’s also smart to keep an emergency kit with food and water stored away in case you get stuck somewhere without power or running water after the storm passes through your area.

Secure Your Family and Pets

As the storm approaches, make sure that your family has time to get to your secure shelter. Gather everyone into one space and ensure that each person knows where to go at a moment’s notice. Make sure that you have plenty of blankets, pillows, and other soft items to cushion everyone should the tornado strike. It’s also important that you keep all pets either leashed or in a carrier and fasten any objects that could become airborne or keep them out of reach. There are several additional tips for securing your pets in a storm shelter to keep in mind as well, such as keeping them comfortable and calm.

Once you settle in your shelter, listen for further instructions from local authorities about when it’s safe to leave your location and return home. Being prepared ahead of time and following these steps can ensure your safety during times of extreme weather events.

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