Smarter Ways To Sell Collectible Antiques Besides eBay

In the early 2000s, shop builders appeared on the internet. Some twenty years later, most sites are starting to show their age by retaining a less than user-friendly layout. For anyone serious about shedding a few valuable items, there are much smarter ways to sell collectible antiques besides eBay.

The Downside of Mainstream Sales Platforms

Mainstream sites like eBay often saddle you with hidden fees. You don’t get a clear picture of what you’ll earn or pay until the site adds the extra costs of using the service. It’s quite rare to get the true value of an item unless you’re lucky.

Finding Local Experts and Collectors

The much smarter way to sell collectible antiques besides eBay is to get involved with local communities. Whatever you’re selling, chances are there’s a fan club or store dedicated to it nearby. If your item is of real value, experts and collectors will know it.

Some exceptional items demand special care, like when you sell silver and similar high-end pieces. In these cases, it’s good to find a local silversmith or someone who is an expert on the items. Though you may get less than you would get selling directly to a fellow collector, you can rest assured that the expert will care for the item properly, and you’ll likely receive a fair majority of its value.

Interacting With Collectors Long Distance

As with local businesses and clubs, you can easily find online gatherings across forums, servers, and social media platforms. Besides identifying and pricing your item, online collectors are happy to buy. What’s more, they’ll already be well accustomed to shipping and can offer tips for packing and shipping the item safely.

Here, you can find people who are truly interested in adding your piece to their personal displays. Most collectors are happy to pay a fair market price. Trying to swindle fellow collectors and sellers can land people on a public no-trade list, so you can work out deals with trustworthy individuals.