Simple Ways To Create an Eye-Catching Business Card

Networking will always be beneficial to your business. One of the first questions someone will ask when they meet you is, “Do you have a business card?” This small piece of paper says a lot about who you are and what your service can offer. You should get creative with your business card because it will positively impact potential partners or customers.

The front and back of your card have their own purpose. The front is where you place your name, title, and contact information. The back is where you can get creative and include your own flare. Here are six simple ways to create an eye-catching business card to impress your next potential business partner.

Add a QR Code

Include a QR code on your business cards to link to your website or reveal a discount on a future purchase. Adding a QR code is an innovative way to help direct traffic to your website and boost your chances of customers purchasing your goods or services.

Be Smart With Color Choices

The color of your brand plays a significant role in memory recall. Bright colors like yellow or orange convey optimism, while the color black conveys luxuriousness. Choosing the colors for your business card should relate to your services or products. It will help your card stand out from the stack of white and blue business cards on a client’s desk. Try adding a creative layout or shape that will set your business card apart from others.

Include Your Social Media

If you use social media as a part of your marketing, then the back of your card should include your available social media icons. This will communicate that the cardholder should subscribe to your accounts for additional information about your business.

Use a Call to Action

Your business card can be used as a call to action. You can use this to promote your downloadable pdfs or provide exclusive discounts. A call to action on your business card is your chance to be as creative as you want.

Include a Personal Slogan or Mantra

Having a personal slogan or phrase that outlines your business is an incredible way to attract customers with your card. Your business card will be memorable and resonate with potential clients.

Add Your Business Partners’ Logos

If you have reputable partners, you should put their logos on the back of your card. This element is a simple way to attract customers and networking opportunities. If they haven’t heard of your business but recognize your partners, they’re more likely to give you a try.

When redesigning your business card, think about what would be beneficial for you and how you can make a positive impression with your card. There are so many simple ways to create an eye-catching business card. If your service is media-based, it would be wise to use a QR code or social media icons on the back of your card. If you’re a retail business, you should use creative color choices and design elements for the back of your card.