Simple Tips To Transform Your Backyard This Season

The weather is heating up and it’s feeling like day party and cookout season, meaning it’s the perfect time to upgrade your backyard into the ultimate relaxation and hang-out spot. If your outdoor space is in need of a makeover, consider these simple tips to transform your backyard.

Develop a Plan for Your New Backyard

Drawing up a detailed plan can help you save a lot of time and money when transforming your backyard; knowing what you want and creating an outline to achieve your vision will help everything fall into place. 

When planning your backyard, determine the types of spaces you need. Do you want a dining area, lounging spot, garden? Clearly define the areas you want by positioning accessories or creating an obvious division between the areas.

Additionally, what’s your budget? What materials do you need? Professional or DIY? These are also things to be considered when planning your backyard transformation.

Add a Meandering Garden Path

Connect different areas of your outdoor space by adding a garden path! Put down mulch, stone, or brick to create a path from your house to the seating area, patio, or pool. You can add solar lights on each side to light up the pathway at night.

Give the Back of Your House a Face Lift

Painting the backside of your house to complement your backyard space and garden is a great way to transform your outdoor area. Opt for neutral shades like light gray, beige, sage, or taupe to coordinate with your stone path or fence.

If painting the back of your house isn’t ideal, add pops of color on your fence or wall to help bring out the colors in your flower bed or garden.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Save money by taking items around your home or yard and repurposing them into something that can add character to your backyard—turn a wooden pallet into a coffee table, or kitchen table into an herb garden! 

To take your backyard up a notch, you can check local social media market sites to see if anyone is offering cheap materials or accessories.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Mulch

Mulch ties your yard together and enhances your space; mulch will block weeds, help the soil retain moisture, and assist your plants in getting all the nutrients they need for growth. Laying mulch around your flower beds and exposed soil also gives your yard a tidier look.

You can lay down rocks for the same effect, but you’ll want to put down geotextile fabric beforehand to prevent gravel from sinking into the soil. Geotextile fabric provides a lot of benefits for your yard, such as preventing erosion, preventing weeds from getting sunlight, and helping preserve your landscaping.

Now is the perfect time to spruce up your backyard for upcoming cookouts and the most relaxing Saturdays. Use these simple tips to transform your backyard this summer to get maximum usage out of your yard!