Signs You Should Replace Your Sofa

There comes a time when you’ll have to replace your old sofa. This usually occurs between seven and 15 years from the time you got the sofa. Eventually, your favorite piece of living room furniture will start to show its age. Here are some of the signs you should replace your sofa with an upgraded model.

Strange Noises

Does your couch produce a sound like those heard in horror movie basement scenes each time you sit down? Much like the victims in these films, those noises could be your sofa’s signal that its end is near. The noises you hear from your couch may be a symptom of structural damage to the furniture, serving as your wake-up call to start shopping for replacements.

Flat Cushions

One of the greatest feelings in the world is slinking into your favorite spot on the sofa each evening after a hard day’s work. But if you find your seat no longer offers the lumbar or posterior support to make yourself comfortable, it could soon be time to drag that old couch to the curb. You may even become accustomed to sitting on the frame underneath before realizing how much the support has diminished. If you need a brand-new place to crash after work, consider the many benefits of sleeper sofas.

Material Issues

The wear-and-tear on your sofa acts as a giveaway that the piece has reached the end of its lifespan. Many issues impact a sofa’s fabric, including stains, rips, bunching, and discoloration. While they can be small at first, these imperfections add up over time.

The Smell

The last of our telltale signs you should replace your sofa is the noxious scent permeating from the furniture. Children and pets are both known causes of these odors. While sprays and candles work for temporarily warding your living room from the smell, the only way to rid your home permanently of the unbearable stench of yesteryear’s accidents is with a new couch.

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