Signs You Need To Replace Your Grooming Shears

Every hairdresser, whether a beginner or a veteran, knows how important their tools are. Having the right shears, scissors, and combs is essential to being a successful hairdresser. Maintaining those tools is also vital. Unfortunately, even the best, well-cared-for tools need replacing eventually. Keep reading to learn the signs you need to replace your grooming shears so you’ll know what to look for when that replacement time comes.

Losing Adjustments

One of the first major signs that your shears need to be replaced is if they fold hair instead of cutting it because the adjustment won’t hold. Properly adjusted shears should hold their adjustment and cut hair according to that adjustment. Check if you need to readjust them before getting rid of them.

You can check the adjustment while cleaning and caring for your shears. Hold the thumb side of the shears in one hand, and lift the finger side until you form a 90-degree angle. Let go of the finger side and see what happens. If your shears stay open, they have the right tension and are properly adjusted. If they close at least halfway, then you need to keep tightening them. But if your shears lose their adjustment no matter how frequently you adjust, then it may be time to replace them.

Losing the Set

If you notice your older shears are folding hair, but they’re properly adjusted, it may be a problem with the set. The set is the curve of the blade that creates a spring force, allowing the total length of the blade of your shears to cut properly. If the set is lost, which can happen during sharpening or after being dropped, then the shears can still feel tight to hold, but the ends won’t cut hair. They’ll fold the hair instead. You can try to have the blade properly re-set by a professional, but it may not work, and it can even break your shear. Instead of continuing to struggle with your current set of shears or risking breaking them, you may want to invest in new shears.

Visible Damage

As we mentioned above, properly maintained shears can last a long time, even decades. During those decades of use, your shears can go through to potentially damage them. While regular maintenance, like wiping them clean and keeping them oiled, should prevent damage from regular use, if you use them to cut anything besides hair or drop them, you may damage them beyond repair. You’ll know your shears are too damaged to use if they’re visibly bent, especially at the end, or nicked deeply enough to catch your fingernail as you run it along the blade.

Losing adjustments, losing sets, and seeing visible damages are three signs you need to replace your grooming shears. While it’s easy to get attached to shears you’ve had for a long time, no tool lasts forever in any industry. When the time comes, you must pay attention to these signs and replace your shears.