Signs That Your Tuxedo Doesn't Fit Right

Whether you’re attending a wedding, funeral, quinceañera, or any other formal occasion, you may want to put on a tuxedo. An old saying claims that “clothes make the man,” so you always want to ensure you look your best when wearing your finest suit. However, a lot of men don’t pick up on these common signs that their tuxedoes don’t fit right. The next time you put on your suit, see if you encounter any of these issues. If you do, you can speak to a tailor about how to fix them.

Check the Shoulders

We recommend checking the shoulders first when you try on a new jacket. This is one of the easiest things to check when trying to gauge whether a tuxedo jacket fits. If the shoulders of the jacket are too wide, they will sag off the shoulders and look too loose. Meanwhile, if the shoulders are too narrow, they will crease in and create a bite. Neither of these are good looks, so always try to make sure you find a jacket that fits your shoulders. It’s typically difficult to adjust shoulder width, so you may need to try a different jacket or get a custom fit if you’re experiencing issues.

Consider Jacket Length

Another sign that your tuxedo doesn’t fit right is if your jacket is either too short or too long. Finding the ideal length can be a delicate balancing act, but a good rule of thumb is that the jacket should cover about 80 percent of your butt. That length looks natural and creates a better balance of jacket lift whenever you need to sit. If you’re ever unsure about the proper length for your jacket, consider asking your tailor when getting fitted for a tuxedo.

Avoid a Saggy Seat

A common problem with the slacks of tuxedoes is that they can be too tight or too loose. Many tailors recommend custom fitting your slacks since there are so many factors beyond waist width and leg length that you must consider to accommodate your build. If you feel like your pants are about to burst open when bending over, you need a larger size. However, if you go too wide, the slacks will look loose and ridiculous. You want something that feels like it’s smooth against your body without constricting you. Fortunately, loose pants are an easier fix for a licensed tailor.

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