Signs Someone Is Using You for Your Money

Wealth creates opportunities to obtain the finer things in life, often leading to new friends or love interests. But how do you determine if someone desires a true friendship or just a relationship for your money? If your Spidey sense goes off, and you notice these five signs that someone is using you for your money, stepping away from the friendship may be the right move.

They Never Ask About You

Any healthy relationship involves equal give-and-take, so notice if you always give and never receive. Does the other person show an interest in you and getting to know you, or does the conversation revolve around them and their needs?

Do they ever plan an activity for you to do together, or do you always plan? Do they expect you to pay for everything? These may be signs that they’re using you.

They Hint for You To Buy Them Things

Never lacking money might seem like a dream come true, but when people expect you to buy things for them, it creates a lonely relationship. It might feel exciting to use your money to gain friends, but be aware of the ways wealth affects your mental health. Consider if your friendship would still exist if you never bought another thing for them. If you can’t see it moving forward, then move on.

They Never Introduce You to Their Friends

Over time, healthy relationships branch out to involve other friends. Notice if your friendship includes time together only when they want it. To help gauge their true intentions, ask to meet their friends. When you matter to someone, they will want to include you in their circle of friends who also value you for your personality and not your wallet.

They Love Bomb You

When friendships or potential love interests begin, most people show their excitement when spending time together. As you become more comfortable around each other, you become more relaxed.

Someone who constantly gushes over you may do so to manipulate and get what they want from you. Check this selfish behavior and call it out, no matter how flattering it may seem.

They Talk About Your Designer Clothes Non-Stop

You may like to wear designer clothes, shoes, and accessories, but be wary when your style becomes the main topic of most conversations. Your friends might care more about your money if discussing your fashion choices seem more important than learning about your favorite movie.

If you see signs someone is using you for your money, question the motive behind the relationship. Trust yourself and if something feels off, take a step back and evaluate. Your finances and positive mental health will thank you.