Safety Tips New Boat Owners Need To Know

Becoming a boat owner suddenly makes you the most popular person in your friend group. Before you chop it up on your favorite location, you need to learn the best safety tips new boat owners need to know.

Insure Your Boat

Before you even practice all the essential safety tips of being a boat owner, you need to insure your boat so you have coverage if anything were to happen on the open waters. Like with your auto insurance, you can take on the bare minimum or get the maximum coverage. Things you need to take into consideration are transporting your boat, fuel-spillage, and injuring someone.

Learn How To Load & Transport a Boat

Transporting your boat is half the battle of becoming an owner. Finding storage, purchasing a trailer, and learning to load it takes some time to master correctly. You’ll want to have a vehicle that’s able to tow the boat quickly. You can find your car’s towing capacity in the manual, so you will want to figure that out before splurging on a boat. The last thing you want to do is buy it with no way of moving it around.

Checkups & Maintenance

Maintaining your boat is not that much different than what you do for your car. It would help if you got oil and filter changes while getting a professional inspection every year to ensure everything is status quo. Outside of guaranteeing that everything runs smoothly, you also want your boat to look immaculate. Thus, getting a cover to prevent leaves and other debris from getting inside will keep your boat looking new.

Load Up on Safety Equipment

Loading your boat with safety equipment is a proactive approach in case something was to happen. The law requires you to have enough lifejackets for every passenger on board. Other helpful pieces of equipment include fire extinguishers, distress signaling devices, and a flashlight. Lastly, it’s wise to invest in a flagpole because it lets other boats spot you from a distance, whether on the water or aerially.

Practice Your Skills

With necessary equipment on board, it’s time to hone your boat operating skills. You can only watch so many demonstration videos before you need to get behind the wheel yourself. Practice the basic maneuvers around your dock before you explore deeper, more isolated waters. Once you feel confident, you can sail away.

Be Responsible

Although a boat is supposed to be a fun luxury to enjoy, you still need to be responsible. There are different laws for every state, so read up on the rules and regulations beforehand.

Following these safety tips that new boat owners need to know gives you a good grasp of the proper safety precautions. So, enjoy your new toy and stay safe and sound!

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