Room To Spare: Clever Ideas for Using Your Spare Bedroom

When buying a house, most of us do it with the mindset of getting the most space for our money. We’re always looking for ways to maximize our livable space by adding additions or converting areas of the home.

But now and then, we end up in that very special predicament—more space than we need. We can always take that extra bedroom and turn it into a guest room. But if you want a truly unique space, you might consider one of these clever ideas for using your spare bedroom instead.


Once upon a time, when books weren’t as accessible to the ordinary person, knowledge was power. And to show it off, the wealthy and elegant had personal libraries in their home. These days, the only time we see a house with a library is on a Clue board.

If you have a fierce love of literature, a library is a perfect way to utilize your spare bedroom. Along with all your books, add your most comfortable furniture to create a cozy reading nook. If you enjoy collecting art, this is the perfect place to showcase it as well.

Pet Room

Many of us think of our pets as members of the family. Even so, we tend to move them out of the way. Some people have a doghouse in the backyard, and others have a little tank in the corner for a fish. But if you have the space in your home, why not give them the space they deserve?

The most popular type of pet room we see people design are dog rooms. But you can still create space for other types of animals. For instance, you can have a room where your birds can fly freely or one that houses elaborate reptile enclosures. Ensure that you cover the outlets and there are no spaces that can trap pets.

Recording Studio

Whether you are trying to become the next best thing on Spotify or you’re supporting your friends who are, a recording studio can be a great choice. If your room has these features, it may make a great studio:

  • Large room with high ceilings
  • Not perfectly square
  • Interior room
  • Well-sealed against cracks
  • Thick walls

When setting up a recording studio, you may still need to add sound-proofing materials to the walls for a perfectly quiet space. Depending on your acoustic needs, you will also want to balance hard surfaces, like concrete walls, with soft surfaces, like carpet.

Meditation Retreat

Almost every room in a house has a purpose. We cook in the kitchen, consume entertainment in the living room, and work in our home offices. Rarely do we have a space specifically dedicated to stopping and taking care of our mental health.

Meditation rooms are spaces dedicated to quiet reflection and taking care of your mental health. These are a perfect space to get away from it all when things get to be too much.

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