Relaxing Destinations for a Lowkey New Year

The New Year isn’t just a time to celebrate. It’s also an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate so that you can enter the coming year refreshed and ready to enjoy the journey ahead. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a shortlist of locations to help you celebrate while keeping things low-key and relaxed. Explore these destinations and discover why one of them might deserve to be your vacation spot this New Year.

Reykjavik, Iceland

When you’re sifting through relaxing destinations for a lowkey New Year, consider grabbing your warmest coat and catching a flight to Reykjavik, Iceland. There, you can enjoy the capital city’s New Year’s Eve firework celebrations with a stunning, snow-covered backdrop.

You can spend the night partying at your choice of Reykjavik’s many local haunts. Then, you can spend New Year’s Day recovering at one of Iceland’s famous hot springs, such as The Blue Lagoon. Of course, you’ll likely want to extend your stay so that you can see Iceland’s world-renowned attractions like the Golden Circle or the Northern Lights before you fly home.

Maui, Hawaii

If you’re in search of warmer shores, this tropical locale has what you need. With its idyllic beaches, stunning forest landscapes, and vibrant waters, Maui has a bit of something for everyone. For instance, you could start your therapeutic New Year with a wellness vacation at one of Maui’s numerous resorts.

Enjoy the beach and indulge in a luxurious spa package. Or, if you prefer, you could also spend some time getting in touch with nature as you hike one of the island’s various picturesque trails. Whatever you choose, Maui should most assuredly make your list of relaxing destinations for a lowkey New Year.

Austin, Texas

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a low-key holiday in a metropolis like Austin, Texas. This beautiful mixture of natural beauty and urban delight offers its visitors a wide variety of restorative activities. You could go for a brisk hike through Zilker Park. Or you could try your hand at kayaking on Lady Bird Lake. Or if you prefer, you could spend a night barhopping. Not only are you sure to find delectable southern comforts to snack on, but you’ll also experience Austin’s unique local music scene.

And with a host of historical museums, art galleries, and excellent shopping, there are numerous reasons to spend your holiday in Austin. Plus, you can cuddle up and look out at the city’s dreamy skyline from your opulent hotel suite in the heart of downtown once you’re ready to call it a night.