Reasons Why You Should Show Workers Appreciation

Regardless of the industry that you work in, you can’t get projects done and crush goals without your team. Your employees put lots of effort into getting the job done right. Although you can argue that they signed up for this when applying for the job, making them feel important is still key. Happy employees make the workday more enjoyable for everyone. Read on to learn the reasons why you should show workers appreciation. 

It Improves the Company’s Environment

Nobody likes or wants to work in a hostile environment because it increases tension and stress. Workers can become easily agitated if they feel like all their hard work goes unnoticed among the company higher-ups. This frustration can translate into a negative attitude or less motivation. And as the saying goes, one bad apple spoils the bunch.” So the genuine frustration of one employee could spread.


Thank your workers for all that they do. If you must assign an individual or team of workers to a project, always offer a helping hand. Once they finish, thank them for all the effort they put into it. When employees go above and beyond, you could also offer incentives like a bonus to really show your gratitude.

Workers Feel More Productive

When your hard work goes unnoticed, it’s easy to give up or feel like it doesn’t matter. Employees should never feel like a number or an easily replaceable cog in the company. By showing them that you appreciate them, they’ll recognize that you and the company value the duties they fulfill.

One way to combine appreciation with efficiency is to remodel. Revamping the office has various benefitsincluding increased productivity and morale. You could add a relaxation room for workers to decompress during their breaks. This can also help them see you value their well-being.

It Decreases Turnover Rates

The final reason to show your workers appreciation is to decrease turnover rates since this directly impacts your reputation. People may be less inclined to work for you when it looks like nobody wants to stay. This can also make the community and prospective clients question your reputation. And if that’s not enough, high turnover rates can also decrease workflow because you’ll have more work than employees.

Showing workers that you care about them and value their efforts helps them see their job as a career. Many of us form friendships and other bonds with coworkers. Feeling closer to others makes it easier to realize you’re part of a team. Remind your employees that you recognize everything they do so that they always feel like valued team members.