Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter in 2022

Are you a business owner who’s on the fence about whether you should keep your business cards? In the age of social media, it’s easy to get caught up in advertising and direct messaging online. However, you shouldn’t give up on your business cards. Here are three reasons why business cards still matter in 2022.

It’s Personalized

You may think people throw away your cards when they get them, but this isn’t always the case. For the 1,000 people that may never look at your business card again, the right client may see it and decide to call you. While you could always promise to email or message potential clients on social media, that feels dispassionate and doesn’t set you apart from the crowd. It’s convenient, but not at the cost of getting your brand out there in a unique way.

They’re Professional

As we touched on above, email marketing, direct messaging on social media, and paid advertising are great. However, they still aren’t as effective as a face-to-face conversation, a handshake, and a business card exchange. Always keep business cards on you because they make you look professional. It also makes you look like you have more experience. In many ways, carrying around a business card may look old school, but it also makes you look like a business veteran. That’s a useful perception to leave people with when you want them to contact your business.

It’s Your First Impression

You should spend time customizing a memorable business card for one reason: it’s the first impression you’ll make for your brand. A flimsy, cheap business card will likely make a poor impression. However, a well-crafted business card adds a sense of authenticity and professionalism to your encounter. This is why business cards matter in 2022 and will continue to matter. A carefully crafted card, say a metal one or one with a unique design, will also make people want to share what you gave them. This could give you more business in the long run.

In short, business cards are still an important part of business culture in the twenty-first century. While many feel like the trend has died out, making a good first impression is more important than ever before.