Reasons To Choose a Private Car Service Over Uber

Professional drivers with expert customer service coupled with a diverse fleet of licensed vehicles are what you can expect when you use a limo service. Still, these are not the only reasons to choose a private car service over Uber. If you’ve ever used a rideshare service, you know the stress that comes with using the app and trusting the driver and their car. You can leave all of that behind and find a chauffeur that will get you to your location in style.

Enjoy Reliability With a Private Car Service

When using a rideshare company like Uber, you typically must have a device that can host the app. If it’s rush hour, you may have to wait for a driver to become available—which could become impossible if a sporting event or concert is getting out nearby. Further, it’s frustrating if you lose your connection while requesting and waiting for your driver to arrive. With a private car service, you can schedule your ride ahead of time and know that the car you requested will be waiting for you at the exact time you need it.

Avoid Surge Pricing With a Private Car Service

With rush hour and major events comes surge pricing. Uber is known to increase their rates based on demand. Most people use Uber or Lyft late at night or on holidays, so the companies increase the prices because they know people will pay them. Private car companies offer flat rates that do not change. Further, they also hire professional drivers who know their local streets and are less likely to get lost than rideshare drivers.

Pro Tip: Choosing a private car service when going out in a group may be the most cost-effective choice!

Ride Stress-Free With a Private Car Service

Rideshare companies are mainly focused on getting you where you need to go, while the goal of a black car service is to get you to your destination in style. Once you’ve experienced the luxury of a private car service, you may never want to use Uber or another rideshare company ever again. The fleet of vehicles used by limo services often includes high-class seats with spacious legroom, Wi-Fi, and more luxurious amenities.

Limo Insurance

Anyone can drive for Uber if their vehicle meets the standards and they pass a basic background test. Drivers for private car companies must maintain good driving records. Limo companies are licensed by their states and cover both their cars and their drivers.

One bad experience with a rideshare company can give you a million reasons to choose a private car service over Uber. Rather than wait until you have an unfortunate encounter, find a private car service to keep in your back pocket today.