Seaside Amour Table Runner


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Adorn your dining table with the elegance of the sea using our “Seaside Amour Cloth Table Runner”. This exquisite table accessory is fashioned from 100% polyester, chosen for its longevity and ease of care. The generous dimensions of 90″ × 16″ (229 cm × 41 cm) make it a grand statement piece, flowing gracefully along the length of your table.

The runner features a design that captures the essence of coastal tranquility, transforming your table into a tableau of maritime serenity. Its reverse side is an off-white shade, providing a subtle and sophisticated alternative that compliments any tableware.

This “Seaside Amour Cloth Table Runner” is not only a visually arresting centerpiece but also a practical enhancement to your dining setting, ensuring that elegance and functionality go hand in hand. Whether you’re hosting a lavish dinner party or enjoying a quiet family meal, this table runner will add a touch of seaside romance to your dining experience.

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