Plants Native to North America With Surprising Uses

North America is thriving with vibrant life you can’t find anywhere else. Many of our one-of-a-kind species live among the diverse flora across the nation. Besides being beautiful, though, there are many exciting plants native to North America with surprising uses. Of the numerous varieties many of us have encountered, let’s look at the benefits of dandelion, cedar trees, plantains, and yarrow.

The Humble Dandelion

There’s an excellent reason why animals of all kinds head straight for the dandelions. What many consider weeds are really nutritious and full of health benefits. Besides creating a glue substance in their stalks, the greens are anti-inflammatory and can benefit gastrointestinal health. Dandelions also add a mild earthy sweetness to healthy herbal teas.

Wood From Cedar Trees

More than just a beautiful hardwood, cedar has some unique properties. Namely, it’s a wood species-rich with aromatic oils. It’s the smell we love so much that helps drive insects away. Besides acting as a natural pest-repellant, the oils also protect the wood from weather, making it one of the best species for exterior doors and furniture.

The Plantain Plant

Another plant many people consider a useless weed is the plantain. Although many of us have no idea of its use, this another species that animals and pets enjoy and benefit from eating. Besides adding a nutritional boost to salads, they’re also a noteworthy medicine. Plantains are easy to grind into a poultice that can ease insect bites, stings, and irritated skin.

The Yarrow Plant

Of the plants native to North America with surprising uses, few are as potent as yarrow. People have harvested this plant for centuries as a traditional natural medicine for a wide range of ailments. Among other uses, the yarrow plant helps break fevers, treat inflammation, and even eases toothaches. Its medicinal qualities are quickly making it a popular option for herbal remedy fans, and it’s also easy to find in tea form today.

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