Overlooked Tips for Packaging Products on Pallets

Packaging products on pallets ensures the safety and security of goods during transportation. While the basic process of stacking boxes on a pallet and then wrapping the setup in stretch film seems straightforward, certain nuances can affect the quality and efficacy of the packaging. Check out some key overlooked tips for packaging products on pallets below.

Understand the Benefits of Cast vs. Blown Stretch Film

One of the first decisions you’ll encounter when securing products on pallets is choosing the right stretch film. Cast and blown stretch films may look similar, but they have distinct characteristics that can influence your packaging performance. Cast stretch film is clearer and easier to apply with a quieter unwind, making it suitable for warehouse environments where noise reduction is appreciated. It’s also more consistent in cling and tear resistance.

On the other hand, blown stretch film is more resilient against punctures and has a higher load retention, which can be crucial when dealing with irregularly shaped products or sharp edges. Knowing the benefits of each type can help you select the best option for your unique packaging needs.

Consider Using Pallet Liners

A seemingly minor addition that can have substantial implications for product safety is the use of pallet liners. These liners provide many benefits, acting as a protective layer between the product and the pallet, providing stability, preventing slippage, and protecting against moisture or dirt from the pallet itself. While liners incur a small additional cost, the protection they offer can reduce product damage and prevent potential losses, making them a valuable investment in your packaging process.

Don’t Forget To Label Your Pallets

Proper labeling of your pallets may seem obvious, but it’s frequently an afterthought. Clear labeling is necessary for identification, and it’s an essential communication tool that conveys handling instructions, shipping details, and other critical information. This ensures your product receives the highest-quality treatment throughout its journey. Taking a proactive approach to labeling can help avoid confusion and mishandling, reducing the likelihood of product damage or loss.

Watch Carefully for Overhang

When stacking products on a pallet, one common mistake is allowing items to overhang the edge of the pallet. This overhang makes your products more susceptible to damage, as they are no longer within the protective confines of the pallet’s footprint. Overhang can also lead to film tears during wrapping and stability issues when pallets are stacked or moved. Ensuring that your products are well within the boundary of the pallet can prevent these problems, promoting safer transport and storage.

While many business owners are well-versed in the basics of packaging products on pallets, incorporating these overlooked tips into your process can mitigate risk and enhance efficiency. You’ll reap the benefits of reduced damage, fewer losses, and higher customer satisfaction.

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