New Types of Investments That Don’t Involve Stocks

There are several new types of investments today that don’t involve stocks. If you’re looking to begin generating passive income without the stress of trying to find a broker and grapple with the market, here are a few opportunities to consider:

Equity Crowdfunding

We typically associate crowdfunding with helping families afford medical expenses or assisting small creators in bringing a passion project to fruition. Equity crowdfunding is an increasingly popular alternative to these shorter-term versions wherein a company approaches a crowdfunding platform with their business plan and model, and the individuals each contribute investment into the pool to gain equity in the company.

Equity crowdfunding is an incredibly friendly option for those just starting to seek investment opportunities, as the initial contributions are often as low as $100, and a majority of the actionable items are left to the company, not the investor.


The public view on crypto has been a rollercoaster since the decentralized digital currency took the world by storm. Initially dismissed for a myriad of reasons, including the comedic tokens and the original lack of usability, cryptocurrencies have found a foothold in the modern economy and are here to stay.

One of the hottest forms of cryptocurrency is called a non-fungible token, or NFT. Instead of having a specific monetary value when compared to other currencies, these tokens have subjective value. They are worth what someone is willing to pay. The realm of NFTs is still new, and people are still trying to understand the risks and benefits of NFT ownership, but if you see signs of a potential profit, NFTs are a unique investment path to travel.

Airbnb Investing

There is nothing new about property investment, but life as a landlord is an entirely different beast if you use your investment property for hosting and vacation rental apps like Airbnb. Unlike standard rentals or property management, Airbnb hosts see a wide variety of guests and maintain a greater level of control over the property, as the guests often only stay for short periods as opposed to 12-month leases.

This allows investors to better maintain the property, keep up the home’s value, and personally enjoy their property whenever they feel the need for a vacation themselves.

If you are someone with little knowledge of the stock market or a growing sense that what happens on Wall Street isn’t a gamble worth taking, new investments that don’t involve stocks are out there. Opportunities continue to present themselves as the market diversifies and adapts to a new way of life. The best investment is one you are passionate about, so along with risk factors and market volatility, factor your own interest in as well.