Maintenance Tips for Electric Motors

Whether you realize it or not, electric motors are one of the most used pieces of equipment of all time. There are electric motors in everything—from a fan at home to electronic watches or electric vehicles. Alternatively, businesses (and their stakeholders) indirectly rely on electric motors. Without an electric motor, many businesses wouldn’t be able to operate efficiently which can ultimately keep the company from earning a profit. So, whether you own an electric motor at home or you own an industrial company that uses heavy equipment, you need to maintain the motor. We have a few maintenance tips for electric motors that’ll help you protect your investment; read on to learn more.

Keep the Motor Clean

When you invest your hard-earned money into a product, you probably want it to perform optimally. You wouldn’t invest in nice things and hope they appear rugged or break down, so why wouldn’t you clean the motor? Many people don’t realize that merely keeping dust and debris off of the motor’s vents can significantly improve the motor’s performance.

Learn the Signs of a Dying Motor

There are quite a few ways to determine a motor is going bad; you don’t need to know all of them, but you should know the main ones. The primary signs are excessive vibration, overheating, and poor performance. In addition to the signs your motor is going bad, you should also try to prevent major issues by catching them early; but how do you do that? With tests.

Run Several Tests Periodically

Getting the most out of your electric motor and investment requires some work on your part. You’ll need to run some common tests to determine the health of your motor. Some of the tests include motor winding, brush and commutator, and vibration tests. Every motor is slightly different, so you should visit the manufacturer’s website to learn how to perform those tests properly.

Following these simple maintenance tips for electric motors will not only protect your investment, but it’ll also magnify the benefit you receive from that investment. Anyone who purchases high-quality items expects high-quality performance—and understandably so. The thing is, the way you take care of your motor also influences its performance or longevity.

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