Maintenance Tips for Antique Jewelry

Owning a collection or even a single piece of antique jewelry is not only a great investment but also a great addition to your accessories collection. Antique jewelry is typically made with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. For an item to be considered antique, it must surpass 100 years in age. Your antique jewelry has been around for a long time due to careful care and attention, and you can keep it nice for decades to come with some basic care techniques. Check out these maintenance tips for antique jewelry.

Inspect your jewelry regularly

Regularly inspecting your jewelry is important. It can help you to identify any new scratches, missing or chipped stones, or loose settings. Catching these issues early can prevent further damage and more costly repairs. For example, spotting a loose setting before a stone falls out can save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs while keeping your jewelry piece made of its original materials. The more you must replace components of the piece, the less authentically antique it becomes. Inspections keep antiques priceless.

Wear your jewelry only in the correct conditions

Many people don’t wear their antique jewelry at all for fear of accidental loss, theft, or damage. However, you can wear your antique jewelry without fret as long as you wear it responsibly. Avoid wearing your antique jewelry when you’re doing physical activities, such as working out. The sweat can damage the item and cause it to slip off you much easier. Keeping your jewelry for special occasions is a good decision in antique jewelry maintenance.

Have a professional clean it

At least once a year, or anytime you notice significant dirt or blemishes on your antique jewelry, take it in to be cleaned by a professional jeweler. Not any professional jeweler will know the best cleaning methods for your specific antique—try to find a professional jeweler with experience with or expertise in antiques. This knowledge can prevent damage during cleaning and ensure they use cleaning substances that won’t damage or scratch your jewelry. If you choose to clean it yourself between professional cleanings, make sure to research the best methods for cleaning your antique jewelry.

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