Long Hair vs. Short Hair: Which Is Easier To Style?

There are many different kinds of hair out there, and each type requires additional work to properly style. If you are a hair care professional struggling to adapt to various clients and their needs, it’s essential to understand proper cutting techniques.

When it comes to long hair vs. short hair, which is easier to style? Here are some benefits of different hair lengths and tips to help your customers look their best.

Pros for Long Hair

Long hair is the most flexible hair type in that it’s easily adaptable for most styles. With the added length, you can easily straighten, curl, braid, or crimp the hair, among many other techniques. If your client is looking for a more feminine look, it’s recommended they maintain their length.

Furthermore, long hair fits nearly every jaw and head shape, giving you as the stylist more options. Lastly, it’s much easier to blend long hair, a process that adds texture and leaves your client satisfied.

Pros for Short Hair

We have to show some love for the short-haired individuals out there—this hairstyle is absolutely trendy and workable in the salon. As a stylist, you have less flexibility with shorter lengths, but you can create more unique textures and styles with some creativity!

You don’t have to use as much heat to properly style short hair, meaning your client leaves the salon with healthier hair. Since short hair is very striking, it’s acceptable to attempt more “out-there” shapes and lines. Ultimately, a great short ’do is an excellent choice for styling.

Which Is Easier?

So which hair type is easier to style? Is there really even an answer to that question? In truth, the “ease” factor comes down to two different aspects: the stylist’s skill and the client’s needs.

A successful cosmetologist can effectively communicate what styles are best for a customer’s hair and leave them with a hairdo that pleases both parties. As a stylist, practice cutting different lengths of hair—especially ones that you’re less talented at. With time, you’ll hone your craft, and every hair appointment will become a breeze.

Never again debate if long hair or short hair is easier to style and whether your client will enjoy their cut. Ensure that you meet their needs, rely on your training, and ultimately, the results will be excellent.