The EQS is the first all-electric luxury sedan from Mercedes-EQ. With it, Mercedes-EQ is redefining this vehicle segment. The EQS is also the first model to be based on the purposed built architecture for luxury and executive-class electric vehicles. Join our digital world premiere.

Mercedes-EQ will unveil the all-electric luxury sedan EQS in a digital world premiere on the Mercedes me media online platform on Thursday, April 15th, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. (EDT). Members of the Board of Management, including Ola Källenius, Britta Seeger, Markus Schäfer and Sajjad Khan, as well as Gorden Wagener, the Chief Design Officer, will briefly present the EQS’s technical highlights, which enable progressive luxury for all the senses, heralding the start of a new era for the company.

The digital world premiere will be broadcast simultaneously to the public and influencers on numerous channels. Mercedes-EQ also offers in-depth information and services for media representatives on Mercedes me media. Next to the original audio in English, transcripts in a total of six languages are available for reading and download. Press material, such as videos, pictures, graphics, and press releases, complete the comprehensive offering. In addition, Mercedes-EQ experts will answer individual questions in the context of the digital world premiere in virtual exchange, offering a convenient opportunity for additional research. The media special is already online and provides, among other information, insights into the technical development and the final test drives ahead of the EQS World Premiere.

The EQS is the first model based on the new architecture for electric luxury and executive vehicles. The EQS is designed to delight both drivers and passengers with a unique fusion of technology, design, functionality and connectivity. At the same time, it makes their everyday lives easier in many areas with the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The EQS will be launched in the U.S. market this fall and will set new standards in the Mercedes-EQ model offensive.

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