Interior Design Tips for Your Adult Treehouse

From sea conquering pirate ships to witches and wizards’ potion rooms, treehouses can transform into various magical places in a kid’s mind. They’re a child’s equivalent to Abed’s Dreamatorium from Community. On the other hand, adult treehouses are the ultimate hangout spot for cozy dates, chill catch-up sessions, game nights, and self-reflection. If you’re planning to create your own relaxing outdoor nook, here are some interior design tips for your adult treehouse dreams.

Window Shape and Size

Most treehouses tend to run small. Opting for larger windows on your little tree cubby allows more light into the interior and creates a more spacious feeling. Plus, treehouses offer great vantage points that showcase beautiful outdoor views, making those grander windows even more attractive. However, if you prefer to create a more intimate, darker, and more private space, smaller windows might work better. Aside from size, another window feature to consider for your future hangout spot is shape. A lot of contemporary treehouses embody diverse aesthetics. Different window shapes attune more to specific design styles. For example, smaller rounded windows create a cottage look, while giant squared windows exude a modern feel.

Wood Flooring Options

The foundation of your treehouse also plays a critical role in the space’s design. Floors set the base for a room’s style and comfort level. The various wood species available provide you with plenty of flooring and style options to incorporate into your new treehouse. With help from a wood species floor guide, you can create any aesthetic in your treehouse, ranging from rustic to Zen. Don’t forget that you can also create design patterns with woods like chevron, herringbone, mosaic, and Versailles.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting options include many factors, including light, space, color, and mood. Selecting a light that adds ambience into the room enhances your experiences within that atmosphere. Warmer-toned lights create a cozier feel, helping you to relax and unwind. In comparison, fluorescent lights awaken a room by adding intense brightness. The light’s form and structure also dictate the ambience of a space by generating differing design looks. Like many other interior features, lighting comes in a wide range of styles.

Must-Have Furnishings

No space is complete without some furniture and decor. No matter the aesthetic you choose, every treehouse should include a couple of must-have items. With any room you plan to spend hours in, comfortable seating makes a space more enjoyable. Whether you are on your own or with a group of friends, you want to provide some form of resting spot. Another essential is storage solutions. Clutter gathers quickly in small spaces. Equipping your treehouse with storage keeps your cubby clean, organized, and spacious. Plus, storage allows you to stock up on various forms of entertainment, from technology to books. Other must-haves include carpets, blankets, wall art, and a TV or projector.

Treehouses create a nice getaway space to use in a multitude of ways. With these interior design tips for your adult treehouse, you can play around with different design details to help bring your ideas to life. You don’t even need to have a kid’s imagination to transform a treehouse into a fairytale cottage. You can do that by simply making the right design choices.