Important Safety Features in Commercial Buildings

Every commercial building should possess safety features that create a thriving environment for all employees and guests who visit the area. The best way to ensure your guests and workers stay safe is to check that your commercial building possesses some of these critical safety features. Here is a glimpse into the features your structure should have for health, security, emergency preparedness, and accessibility.

Safety Features for Health

Your building should feature an atmosphere that’s easy to breathe in and kept at a comfortable temperature. You don’t want to continually take your coat on and off throughout the day, and the building’s occupants shouldn’t have to do this either.

Take matters into your own hands by ensuring the temperature is consistent and installing ventilation units to rid the air of pollutants and contaminants. When the air in a space is fresh and easy to breathe, and the temperature stays constant, fewer employees will become sick.

Safety Features for Security

Security is another pillar you need to consider before letting anyone or anything inside the building. The first thing you should do to improve security in your building is install surveillance equipment. Security guards are only on-site for a few hours each day, but you can use surveillance cameras to track activity 24/7.

If you want to limit access to certain areas, you can install an access control system. Certain areas, such as meeting rooms and research areas, may only be available to approved workers. Give authorized workers key cards that allow them to access the area. You could also put in an automatic lock system to prevent workers from entering the space after hours.

Safety Features for Accessibility

Accessibility features are essential to meeting ADA requirements and ensuring everyone can easily get around your building. Regardless of industry, many office buildings install mesh railing systems to ensure the safety of their employees or visitors. These safety features decrease the risk of falling and help individuals avoid collisions with one another. A mesh railing system meets OSHA and ADA guidelines, giving visitors and workers better and safer access to different building levels.

Safety Features for Emergencies

Emergency safety features are another thing to consider when seeking to maintain the safety of building occupants. You should have a detailed emergency plan for every emergency type, including fires and inclement weather.

Professionals should install all necessary emergency equipment, including sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and fire doors. Create a detailed plan of routes to vacate the building safely. Emergency features are an essential part of your building’s integrity. Your commercial building’s safety features should align with your everyday business goals and practices.