Ideas for Throwing a Great Bachelor Party

When you’re the best man at your friend or family’s wedding, it’s your job to throw the bachelor party. Most folks seem OK with staying at home, having a get-together, and having a few beers. That may be well and good for some, but it’s hardly going to be the most memorable experience. Fortunately, here are some ideas for throwing a great bachelor party to give everybody a good time.

Road Trip

Few things bring people together like a good road trip. Getting in the car, grabbing snacks from the gas station, and singing along to classic tunes on the radio is a bonding experience that everyone can enjoy. The best thing about the road trip is you can use it as simply part one of the party, and when you get to the destination, people are already in high spirits.

Party Barges

Unless you get seasick, party boats are a fantastic idea for throwing a great bachelor party. Many rental companies set you up with a captain who takes you out on the lake, and you can let loose as much as you want. Swimming, fishing, poker, and more are just some possibilities of throwing a boat party with your closest friends.

Pub Crawls

Sometimes you want to raise a glass and toast to your best man’s wedding, but you can liven it up a bit with a good old-fashioned pub crawl. Pub crawls allow you to visit multiple bars, try a variety of drinks, and explore the area. Putting together a proper pub crawl will enable you to plan for dinner, drinks, entertainment, and more.

Do What the Groom Wants

Fun parties are a good time, but it’s always good to remember that as the best man, your job is to celebrate that the groom is getting married. Consider what the groom wants to do, no matter what sounds fun to you. If they wish to have a smaller party with some board games and beer, keep it simple instead of planning a total rager.