How To Throw the Best Summer Bash

The warm weather is here, and it’s time to gather with friends and family to celebrate. It takes more than a fired-up grill to throw the best summer bash. We’ve got some ideas to take your get-togethers from sun-up until sundown—all while staying cool, hydrated, and making memories.

Take It Outside

Summer parties are made for the outdoors, so prepare accordingly. Guests need to stay cool during the day and warm in the evening.

Create shaded areas in your yard with large umbrellas and an awning over the deck. Keep sunscreen in a bucket on the patio, and let guests know they can help themselves.

For the evenings, string vintage-style lightbulbs across the deck and yard for an amber glow, helping guests to see in the dark. Consider a fire pit for when the sun sets and temperatures drop. Tiki torches help scare away pesky critters while also adding soft light and warmth.

Drinks, Anyone?

Drinks are always a necessity, especially in the summer. Make it fun and plan according to who is attending.

Children need a cooler full of fun surprises, like sports drinks and drink boxes, along with sodas and bottled water. A drink dispenser with homemade lemonade is a crowd-pleaser for all ages.

Adults in the mood to party want to indulge in summertime cocktail favorites, so stock up on your supplies. Create an area using a bar cart outside with liquor choices, sodas, and ice. Glassware is lovely, but disposable cups designed for cocktails are helpful when outdoors.

Have a Seat

At parties, guests prefer to lounge around (most of the time). Make guests feel welcome with comfy seating.

Prepare your deck with cushioned seating and a couple of ottomans for really kicking back. Grab as many lawn chairs as you can, and create seating areas throughout the yard to encourage mingling. Get creative with blankets in the grass for a picnic feel during the day and star gazing at night.

Feel Like Dancing?

Certainly, the answer to the question is an exuberant, “yes!” And, hopefully, your guests share your enthusiasm. Music sets the mood, no matter the occasion. Make it a priority when you throw the best summer bash.

Bring the Bluetooth speakers out and crank up whatever feeling you’re trying to create. Shuffling songs from your era is always a fun choice when having close friends over. Then, slow it down when the sun disappears, and your guests will head home feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Full Tummies, Happy Guests

Yes, we saved the best for last because what party is complete without food? Here are a few ideas to please foodies and novices alike:

  • Taco bar and a nacho station
  • Catered hors d’oeuvres
  • Classic hot dogs and burgers on the grill
  • Everyone brings their favorite summer dish to pass
  • Hire a food truck for the driveway

The sky is the limit with food, and that’s why we love it!

Call it what you will—parties, get-togethers, and bashes are all created to share laughs and enjoy life with those we care about. No matter how you throw it, your friends and family appreciate it.

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