How To Reduce Product Damage: 3 Tips

Owning a product-based business comes with many responsibilities and requires an entrepreneurial spirit matched with logistics and creativity. If you own a business that provides products to stores or even direct to consumer, you know the cost of unintended product damage. Discover how to reduce product damage here.

Invest in better packaging

Sometimes, the key to protecting your products until they arrive at their destination safely is the packaging. Primary packaging must be attractive for consumers, but it also needs to serve a purpose. It should be designed to keep your products safe. Investing in packaging that is a bit heavy duty and high-quality can help protect your products from damage while they’re being packed, shelved, and more.

Rethink your distribution process

Rethinking your distribution process can help to prevent product damage on a large scale. A lot of product damage typically comes from the transportation process. Learning how to reduce product damage during transportation is a skill every product-based business owner should acquire. Consider palletizing your shipments or making the change to automation, so your secondary packaging is more secure and your products are more protected from falling over in trucks.

Provide better unpacking instructions

Sometimes, products can get unintentionally damaged by either the distributor or the customer when the products arrive at their destination. This can be due to difficulty unpacking the larger shipping boxes. Consider providing stores with a better and more specific direction packet about how to properly and carefully unpack products. You can also send out emails or put directions on customer-direct products to help them open the product without damaging it.

There are many different methods of reducing product damage. Reducing product damage helps control unnecessary losses and increases profitability. Be sure to keep in mind the type of product you sell and analyze where the most accidental damage is occurring, as these areas should be addressed first.

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