How To Prevent Mold from Growing in a Sauna

Saunas are meant to be hot, steamy retreats from the stresses of daily life. However, you’ll have to prevent mold growth in order to keep these warm, inviting sanctuaries in tip-top shape. No one wants to find icky intruders taking up residence in their calming space. Here are some tips on preventing mold from growing in your residential or commercial sauna to guarantee a safe environment.

Ventilation Is the Key

Poor ventilation is the top culprit for mold growth. Saunas are, by nature, hot and humid environments that are perfect breeding grounds for mold. Ensure your sauna is well-ventilated to promote air circulation.


If your sauna is small, consider investing in a high-quality exhaust fan that can circulate the air. A combination of exhaust fans and strategically positioned vents throughout the space can be more effective for large or commercial saunas.

Say Goodbye to Wet Floors and Hello to Absorbent Mats

We’ve established that mold loves wet and moist environments, so it’s crucial to keep the sauna floors dry. Some types of absorbent floor mats, including rubber or bamboo, can combat mold growth. These mats keep the floor dry and add an element of comfort to your sauna.

Keep It Clean

Our next tip on preventing mold from growing in your sauna is simple: keep it clean! Regularly cleaning the sauna guarantees a pleasant and sanitary experience. Pay particular attention to areas where moisture accumulates, such as around water buckets and ladles.


If your sauna is wooden, avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the wood. Opt for natural products such as mild soap and water, diluted white vinegar, or a gentle wood cleaner. Remember to rinse and dry the wood after cleaning.

Be Mindful of Temperature and Humidity Settings

Avoid creating an overly humid environment in your sauna, as this could encourage mold growth. Consult your sauna’s manufacturer guidelines, and be mindful of the recommended temperature and humidity settings. Consider investing in a digital thermometer and a hygrometer to monitor these levels. The ideal humidity level for a sauna is around 40–60 percent when in use and below 30 percent when not in use.

By implementing these expert tips and tricks, you can prevent mold from invading your humid haven. It’s time to rid your sauna of mold and enjoy your immaculate, fungi-free oasis.

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