How To Optimize the Space in Your Warehouse

Not having enough space in your warehouse can put a massive damper on your operations. This does not necessarily mean you should investigate getting a larger warehouse, though. Look around and see where there might be poorly utilized space. Basic clutter and disorganization can be major culprits. Often, there are ways to make better use of the space you already have. Learn here, as we look at how to optimize the space in your warehouse.

Assess the Usage and Capacity of Your Space

The best way to begin is to go through your warehouse and assess the amount of space you have and how well it is being used. This will require a bit of time so that you do not miss any areas. Make sure to get an understanding of the flow and utilization of the current layout. This will include checking rack configuration, receiving, put away, replenishment, inventory management, and packing and shipping. This will help you target exactly what needs to be reworked in your warehouse.

Use of Vertical Space

Examine the vertical space you still have in your warehouse. This is a type of space that does not get utilized often enough. There are racks and other types of storage media that can be used to stack more product. This is a common solution to saving space. Think of it as building up instead of building out.

Consider Consolidating Locations

Look around to see if you have any of the same items being stored in more than one location. If you happen to find this, combine them all into one space. It’s very simple and can open up a lot of space that you didn’t know you had.

Store Correct Sized Items in the Correct Sized Slots

This is one of the best tips for showing you how to optimize the space in your warehouse. You can save a lot of space by matching the size and sales of each item to the best-sized slot. This will make far better use of the slot cubes. When you store small items in places that could better store large ones, you will end up with a lack of space for these larger items. You will make much better use of your space by better organizing where items go based on their sizes.

Only Stock and Keep What You Need

To reduce the clutter in your warehouse, stock only what you will need. This is a practice known as lean inventory. This means reducing the amount of overstock and safety stocks. If you have to, consider using an offsite location to keep overstocked items. Also, get rid of any extra equipment that is not needed, like old pallets. Some solutions for unwanted pallets include pallet pickup and recycling. You are doing a good service while also making operations better in your warehouse.