How to Introduce More Texture into Your Home

Smooth furnishings and decorations give your home a refreshingly clean atmosphere, but they can also become monotonous. You can create greater depth and engaging variation throughout your rooms by making use of texture. A diverse collection of textures will not only change the way your home feels to the touch, but also improve how it looks to the eye. Discover how to introduce more texture into your home with our recommendations

Bring in Accessorizing Fabrics

Using a variety of fabrics is an easy way to increase the texture in your home. In practice, it can be as simple as draping knitted blankets over the back of the sofa or covering a table with a tablecloth. The noticeably complex patterns of the fibers will make plain furniture pieces more interesting. You can also choose to change the covers of throw pillows from plain versions to ones that incorporate different types or that possess a pile.

Add Plant Life

The organic structure of plants—in which leaves, stems, and flowers are arranged in a pleasing way—can also contribute texture to an otherwise plain interior ensemble. Place plants in a range of shapes and sizes around your home to capitalize on their intricacy. You can hang them from high places, set them on counters and tabletops, put them on windowsills, and let them rest on the floor. They can add a tangible coarseness and fine curves that juxtapose beautifully with your walls and blockier, flatter furniture.

Cover the Floor with Rugs

For hard floors, rugs are natural choices when you’re figuring out how to introduce more texture into your home. Look into the rug pile choices you have and go for either a thick, fluffy rug or a more uniform one that still maintains a clearly perceptible texture. Even flat rugs can supply a room with a varied texture due to their intertwined threads. For extra impact, you can layer multiple rugs so that different sections of different rugs are visible, working together to form a unique air that’s greater than the sum of their parts.

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