How To Increase Your Diesel Engine's Fuel Mileage

As powerful, fuel-efficient vehicles, diesel-powered cars and trucks provide better energy and mileage than their traditional gas-fueled counterparts.

But as with anything, there’s always room for improvement. Efficient diesel-fueled vehicles can further increase their fuel economy through careful usage or power-boosting modifications. Here’s how to increase your diesel engine’s fuel mileage so you can get an improved mile per gallon ratio.

Use Synthetic Oil

Switching from standard to synthetic oils can improve your engine’s fuel mileage. These high-quality, long-lasting fluids provide your engine with increased power and durability.

Lower Your Speed

Lowering your speed equates to burning less fuel, which leads to better fuel mileage. Stick to the posted limit on regular roads and highways. Your engine’s fuel economy decreases by 0.1 miles per gallon for every mile per hour over 55.

Achieving and maintaining a consistent cruise speed can save fuel, too. Using your cruise control, especially in bumpy, hilly areas, will help you avoid using the throttle.

Avoid Idling

To the best of your ability, avoid idling and unrequired stops. Waiting for your vehicle to warm saps massive amounts of fuel, as does sitting around with the car needlessly running. If you’re planning to stay idle for extended periods of time, turn off your engine.

Anticipating stoplights and stop signs is another good way to prevent unnecessary idling. Try to avoid running into red lights. If you see that a light is about to turn green, slow down, but don’t stop entirely.

Don’t break laws just to save fuel mileage. If you encounter a stoplight or stop sign, do as it says—stop. Never pass the white line during a red light, even if you anticipate a quick shift to green.

Accelerate With Care

Accelerate carefully and avoid punching the throttle. Smooth and steady acceleration prevents spikes in your fuel usage.

Revving your engine can cause additional spikes in fuel consumption. To prevent this, change gears slowly rather than making fast, jarring switches.

Modify Your Engine

Another way to increase your diesel engine’s fuel mileage is through modifications.

Drag reduction devices, like fairings, side skirts, and vented mud flaps can all help improve fuel efficiency in trucking fleets.

Diesel engine additives are a good consideration, too—but talk with a mechanic or another expert before adding them. For some vehicles, additives can do more harm than good.

Upgrading your vehicle’s air filters and intake systems is a surefire way to increase its fuel mileage. Advanced, high-quality products will improve airflow. Adequate airflow prevents power loss and increases your engine’s performance and durability.

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