How To Increase Your Boat’s Value

Whether you want to eventually sell your vessel or simply give it an upgrade, maintaining and increasing the value of your boat is a necessity for any self-respecting captain. Let us teach you how to increase your boat’s value so that it stays on the cutting edge and looks as impressive as possible when you careen across the water.

Regular Maintenance

Ensuring your boat goes in for maintenance to keep it in working order is probably something you already do when it’s necessary, but there are some routine maintenance practices you should also consider. These are simple, such as regularly washing your boat to get rid of grime, salt, and barnacles that will erode your boat’s appearance and condition if left unattended. You should also regularly change your boat’s oil yourself rather than waiting for when your vessel goes in for servicing.

Otherwise, you should keep a close eye on the condition of your boat’s most essential components. Specifically, vital parts like the propeller are exposed to potential hazards, and any damages to the propeller should be addressed swiftly to keep your boat’s performance at its best and avoid a chain reaction of other parts becoming damaged if they can’t function correctly. Additionally, knowing when to replace your propeller rather than repairing it is crucial for maintaining your boat’s value.

Add a Touch of Style

This is the fun part of learning how to increase your boat’s value. Giving your boat a touch of style makes your vessel unique and aesthetically pleasing. The appearance alone can be a major boon for the perceived value of your vessel. For example, adding LED lights can be an attractive addition that makes your boat look stunning at night while being energy and cost-efficient. Another option would be investing in fresh boat canvas, as the canvas on your boat will inevitably experience wear and tear from being exposed to the elements. Keeping your canvas fresh will make your boat look newer, in addition to making it clear you’ve taken good care of the boat.

Keeping Up To Date

Technology advances fast, becoming more efficient, convenient, and overall improving our lives. It’s strongly recommended you consider keeping your boat up to date with more modern technology and the amenities it brings to increase your boat’s value and make it more comfortable and fun to ride around in. A good boat can last for years, so it’s not uncommon that the instrumentation becomes outdated and could use an upgrade in its electronics.

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