How To Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Springtime is quickly on its way, and homeowners are getting excited to spend some much-needed time outdoors. However, before you can do that, it’s important that you prepare your home for the new temperatures and climate conditions. In fact, spring is the perfect time to perform some essential cleaning and maintenance tasks that’ll keep the environment healthy and safe for all to live in. This is how to get your home ready for spring and smoothly transition into the season.

Test Your Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Alarms

The first thing you should do whenever the seasons shift is to test your home’s safety detectors. Though these devices can remain operational for several years, inspecting them every few months is the key to keeping them working in a time of crisis. Since safety hazards can show up when you least expect them, ensuring the detectors function properly now can save you from a potential disaster later on.

Replace HVAC Filters and Wash Vents

You can also get your home ready for spring by switching out your HVAC filters and washing out your ventilation system. When your home is shut up for the long winter months, dust and dirt particles tend to multiply and circulate throughout the rooms. As such, it’s important that you properly maintain these components if you want to have a cleaner—and overall healthier—home during the season. This task also helps mitigate spring allergy symptoms by eliminating many of their major triggers.

Scrub Down Your Walls and Baseboards

Just as dust can permeate your vents and filters, it can also cling to walls. Because of this, it’s recommended that, in addition to cleaning your HVAC system, you also wash your walls and baseboards. Doing so will ensure the paint is providing optimal protection for the surfaces and your walls look their best for future visitors.

Clean and Inspect Your Plumbing System

But most importantly, make sure you get your plumbing system inspected and cleaned. During the winter, pipes can freeze, leaks can form, and mildew can build up on sink or showerheads. These things are among the top causes of low water pressure and can affect how well this utility functions. For this reason, it’s essential that you maintain these systems and repair anything that could develop into a larger issue.

The time for annual spring cleaning is nearly here, and starting now can make all the difference. So, while there’s still plenty more that can be done, these tasks will help you get a strong start and help you get the most out of the next few months.

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