How To Cut Down on Garbage at Your Party

Every now and then, it’s nice to get friends or family together and throw a nice party to celebrate special occasions or just to have some fun. However, a common side-effect of parties is that they have a lot of garbage and needless waste that winds up in a landfill. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to cut down on garbage at your party and have a good time without producing a lot of trash.

Reusable Decorations

As tempting as it is to decorate your party from top to bottom, a lot of common party decorations wind up going in the trash as soon as the event ends. Deflated balloons, confetti, and other common decorations may look nice, but they aren’t long-lasting. We recommend picking out decorations that you can reuse for future events, such as nice tablecloths or customizable banners. You can make an event look great without throwing most of it away when the shindig winds down.

The Right Venue

One way that garbage often piles up is by hosting a party someplace where rubbish is readily available. Some people don’t consider their wasteful habits if they’re in a more comfortable environment. However, hosting your big event in a place where it’s less tempting to litter can cut down on waste. There are many ways to throw an eco-friendly party on a boat, and being out on the water can make the night more exciting.

Limit Food Waste

Even something as simple as menu planning can help you cut down on garbage at your party. For example, cupcakes often have paper wrappers, but cookies don’t. We often serve hot or messy foods with toothpicks, but you can limit the use of those by serving something a bit easier to grab. Think about what goes into the food you serve that people don’t eat, and try to limit that when planning your menu.

Specialized Drinkware

Cups are one of the largest contributors of trash at any event, and it can be a tough balancing act. If you provide disposable paper or plastic cups, you’ll wind up with a trash can full of them. If you try to use glass cups, someone may drop theirs, and you wind up with glass in the trash can. One option is to have some commemorative cups that people can take home with them as a reminder of the event. People are less likely to throw away cups if there’s a limited amount, and they may even keep them when they go home.

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