How To Create a Cozy Environment in Your Home for Winter

Summer is a time of lightening up the rooms in your house and keeping things cool. However, once November hits and temperatures start to drop, a home needs a cozy vibe to feel warm and welcoming. Holiday decorating helps with that coziness, but what about before and after the holidays? When you create a cozy environment in your home for winter, you’ll find that nothing feels better than plopping on the sofa and soaking up the comforting ambiance. Let’s look at how to make the perfect winter atmosphere happen in your home.

Incorporate Flickering Flames

There are three options for glowing flames in your home: battery-operated candles, traditional candles, and the fireplace. Nothing says warmth like fire does, so if you have a fireplace, use it when possible to entice family and friends to relax together in the living room. And any time of day, you can light candles around the house for warmth and wonderful aromas. If you’d prefer not to deal with flames, battery-operated candles look like the real thing on a winter’s night.

Place candles in the following places:

  • Fireplace mantel
  • Fireplace hearth
  • A shelf in the powder room
  • A centerpiece at the dining room table
  • Along the staircase
  • End tables and the coffee table

You can’t overdo candles in the winter. Enjoy yummy scents or unscented ones if you prefer.

Keep Blankets Around

Blankets are versatile in every season, especially when you’re seeking a warmer atmosphere. Use quilts, throw blankets, or whatever style you prefer, and keep a few in baskets near the sofa or hang blankets on the arms of your living room furniture. They add texture and coziness to a room and provide warmth when someone gets a chill.

Use Soft Lighting

Gentle lighting in amber or soft white shades makes a space feel warmer than places with bright white lights. Try these ideas for a warm glow in your home:

  • Put string lights around the fireplace mantel or up the staircase.
  • Replace bright white bulbs with vintage-style amber or soft white ones.
  • Use table lamps instead of overhead lighting.
  • Install dimmer switches so that you can dim lights in the evening.
  • Use candlelight at night.

Add Natural Elements

Natural elements like birch tree branches, evergreen garlands, and wreaths bring warmth to your home while representing the beautiful natural shades of winter.

Greenery isn’t only for the exterior; hang some evergreen garlands on top of the kitchen cabinets or around the fireplace. You can also hang evergreen wreaths on the interior doors.

Lovely white birch tree branches are easy decorations when you gather them together and place them on the table, in baskets, or in a corner.

Enjoy the frigid temperatures even after the holidays pass by creating a cozy environment in your home this winter.

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