How To Brighten Up Your Front Room

If your living room is looking lifeless, there are easy ways to let the sunshine in and add a pop of color to the place. From simple fixes to a few basic purchases, some simple adjustments are all it takes to liven up the parlor or any other room in the house. Here’s how to brighten up your front room and add comfort, value, and visual appeal to the rest of your home.

Draw the Curtains

Are you taking full advantage of your front room’s windows? Nice as your drapes may look, and as much as they protect your furniture from fading, if they’re too opaque, your room will look dark for most of the day. Of course, one thing you can do is to leave the curtains open all the time. If you want privacy, keep them closed but change over to gauzy, light-colored drapery that lets a little light in. As a rule, make sure your curtain rod is longer than the window is wide and that it has enough room on either side so that you can draw the drapes completely. Even a little coverage on either end can block the sun.

Clean and Declutter

Another seemingly obvious solution that people overlook is to clean and declutter your front room. Start by assessing how much stuff you have in there, and ask yourself what can go. Entertainment centers and stereo equipment are fun but take up space and turn an elegant living room into a rec room. Find furniture that fits the space—a massive couch may be comfy but can dominate the room. Finally, give the room a good cleaning. Wash down the walls, and come back to the windows for a thorough cleaning inside and out.

Add a Rug

Hardwood floors are gorgeous, but if the stain is darker than you like, cut through the darkness with bright or light-colored area rugs. Whether you use one large rug or several in different spots, they can add color that translates into a brighter room. Rugs also have visual and physical texture, which can break up the monotony of a room with too-similar furniture. Go for a classic and elaborate design or abstract imagery to draw visitors’ attention downward, or choose a bright, monochrome that reflects the room’s natural and lamp light upward and around.

Add Accents That Shine

When deciding how to brighten up your front room, don’t forget the little touches! Adding color to your home with throw pillows, blankets, knickknacks, framed art, wall mirrors, and other brilliant, colorful, and reflective elements can keep a room looking vigorous and dynamic. Note: Too often people, think consistency means redundancy. Try to mix things up by adding elements that complement each other without being the same size or shape. Your front room tells a story—fill it with exciting plot twists and compelling characters, vis-à-vis your furnishings!

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