How To Adjust To Working at Home

So maybe this whole COVID-19 pandemic is dragging on a little long, but that doesn’t mean working from home has to be miserable; you just need to be a little proactive. If you’re struggling and don’t know how to adjust to working at home, read on to discover a few options for your consideration.

Have a Workplace

This one seems obvious. Of course, you need a spot to actually do your work—but do you have an effective workspace? With how indefinite quarantine has become, it might be time to consider a dedicated office for your home. If you have a shed or dream of having something shed-like, a backyard office building is a great option; it’s cozy, dedicated to your work, and free of distraction.

Build a Schedule

Working at an office is normally conducive to having a schedule that helps you know what and how much you need to get done before you can get ready to head home. The problem with working from home is that it’s difficult to keep yourself accountable and ensure you’re doing everything you need in a timely manner. At the end of a workday, prepare what you need so that you know exactly what to work on the next day. This can help you avoid procrastination.

Keep Regular Hours

Working from home means your work hours can be flexible, but it’s advisable to have a general start and end time to your workday. This will also help with avoiding procrastination and aid in keeping a healthy work-life balance so parts of your day are devoted to both work and your personal life. Working nonstop is not at all healthy, so a hard stop time will help you distance yourself from work.

Maintain Routine

Keep using the routine you built when you still commuted to the office. Wake up at appropriate times, get yourself cleaned up, and get dressed as you would for a normal workday. The allure of working in your pajamas is great, but getting dressed and ready is vital for psychologically preparing yourself for the workday. You’ll get yourself into the same frame of mind you usually have for work and be focused on upcoming tasks. You’ll also be ready if anybody drops by with a video chat!

If you’re still wondering how to adjust to working at home, just remember it might be less about changing how you work, and instead of having the discipline and environment to maintain your habits that keep you productive and effective.

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