Home Décor Trends To Leave Behind for 2021
Several design trends ruled in 2020 but might not survive the new year. Discover the home décor trends that you should leave behind for 2021.

As we ready ourselves to enter a new year, we have so many things to reflect on. The year 2020 was not typical for anyone, and many people experienced life-changing events. Spending more time at home than ever before meant there were unique opportunities to expand home decorating. Many people used the trial-and-error method to find their unique style. Discover the home décor trends to leave behind for 2021 and what you should do instead.

Shag Rugs

Shag rugs were in decades ago, and then they went away—for a very good reason. Shag rugs are impossible to maintain. If something spills on a shag rug, there’s really no effective way to clean and sanitize it. When shag rugs began to return to the scene, people didn’t yet know there was a pandemic looming.

Now, as the pandemic rages on, we have a new emphasis on cleaning and disinfecting floors and surfaces in our homes. Shag rugs simply don’t align with the current standards of cleanliness.

Vintage and Vintage-Style Furniture

During 2020, many people bought used furniture that was a few decades old. With the renewed popularity of the mid-century modern style, people flocked to buy vintage furniture. This trend will likely disappear as we transition into 2021. Now, people will start looking for ways to achieve a modern look in their homes. You can create this most effectively with newer, more contemporary-styled furniture.

Fake Plants

Fake plants are certainly falling out of favor quickly. Today, people spend more time at home than ever before, which led the masses to pick up indoor gardening. Herb gardens are wildly popular, and succulent planting is on the rise as people enjoy the many benefits that live plants add to a home.

As we enter 2021, fake plants will quickly become a thing of the past as people enjoy the fresh air and breath of life that plants add to their living spaces.

There are many more home décor trends to leave behind for 2021. The new year is a new chance to update your style and incorporate more modern trends.

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