Many realtors and homeowners are finding themselves creating virtual tours to sell their homes. It’s a way for buyers to view homes from the safety of their current house. Virtual tours generate a better layout of the home than photos, so potential buyers have a better sense of what they would purchase. The following are helpful home staging tips for virtual tours.

Begin at the Front Door

The best virtual tours feel like an in-person tour, and the best way to start is to begin at the front door. Clean off all the outside light fixtures and the entrance to create an excellent first impression. Adding a few potted plants to the stoop or porch can add color and ambiance.

Take Time To Declutter

Whether it’s your home or the home of a client, the house should have no signs of clutter. The space needs to look camera-ready because things appear jumbled and less thoughtful when viewed through a lens.

Emphasize clear lines with the reduction of clutter, and the house will show better. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. It’s easy to build clutter on the countertops.

Show Every Space

It’s easy to skip over certain areas of a home when you’ve been living there so long, but someone interested in purchasing the house will want to see every room. Show the inside of the cabinets, inside closets, even open up the refrigerator. You can’t hold any area back because you have to display it all.

Don’t forget to tidy up the medicine cabinet and dust the fans. Potential home buyers want to know everything works and how much space they’ll have.

Views Are Important

Homebuyers want a chance to glance out the windows to take in the view. Open up the window if you have a particular spot with incredible scenery. If your master bedroom has a 360 picturesque view of the ocean, make it known. Or, if your room has a breathtaking shot of the mountains, show it off.

Remember Security

Another helpful home staging tip is to remember the security of you and your home. You want to give a potential buyer the layout, but you also need to be aware of the safety of your belongings. Put away your elaborate jewelry collection and keep safes hidden. Be mindful of showing expensive equipment that you won’t leave behind with the home.

Virtual home staging is an excellent option if you’ve already moved out of your home and you’re looking to sell quickly. This software, along with virtual home tours, is the way of the future for home buying.

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