Great Uses for Dried Flowers You Should TryFrom arts and crafts to home décor, flowers are great ways to make something beautiful and creative. Fresh flowers are beautiful, but dried flowers have the added benefit of lasting a lot longer with less maintenance. Throughout their history, dried flowers have been used in décor, art, and even fashion. Explore these creative ideas and discover some of the great uses for dried flowers you should try.

Craft Homemade Potpourri

You can give dried flowers lasting, enticing scents by adding essential oils or spices such as cinnamon, rose, lemon, bayberry, or orange. Combining dried flowers with spices and other fragrances is an easy way to make your own potpourri. Placing a bowl of potpourri in every room in your home can keep your house smelling fantastic.

Create Bookmarks or Cards

You can use pressed flowers to enhance a card or create a more personalized bookmark. Either of these items is easy to create as long as you have materials such as adhesives, ribbons, board, or paper. Gather your materials and your selection of dried flowers or leaves, and then let your creativity come through as you craft a gorgeous card, bookmark, or other paper creation.

Use Them for Gift-Wrapping

Another great use for dried flowers you should try is gift-wrapping. Incorporating dried flowers on top of a gift creates a more personalized look. Stick your flowers, herbs, or other dried plants into your bow or knot to secure it to the package. This technique makes your gift-wrapping attractive and shows that you have good taste.

Create an Art Piece

You need not waste the flowers you received for your birthday or Valentine’s Day, because there’s another way to repurpose them! Arrange the dried flowers on a canvas or frame and secure them with adhesive. You can also add other decorations or pieces of art, such as stationery, paint, or calligraphy, to improve your masterpiece.

Make a Photo Album

If you’re also interested in scrapbooking, why not use your collection of dried flowers to make your photo albums stand out? What’s impressive about dried flowers is that they’re easy to maintain, and when you dry and press them properly, you can enjoy them for years.