Generic vs. Name-Brand Clothes: Which Should You Pick?

It’s okay to buy generic for some things. Food, medicine, soap, cleaning supplies, and other basic goods don’t need a premium name. But what about clothes? After all, you want something wearable and comfortable, so why not buy name brands? The debate over generic vs. name-brand clothes never ends. Likewise, the answer to the question, “Which should you pick?” is unclear. However, this short guide will help you decide which to go with when customizing your wardrobe.

Generic Clothing

There’s nothing wrong with generic clothes. These items are ready to wear, fit many body types, and are cheaper than their name-brand counterparts. When you go to a fast fashion outlet, you’ll find stylish clothes that fit your budget. One of the best parts of generic clothes is that they’re customizable at a low price. That means you can add different items to fit your style without feeling overwhelmed with the options or accessories.

Name-Brand Clothing

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with name-brand clothes either. In fact, there are many reasons why people love luxury clothing brands. They’re typically higher in quality than generic pieces, so they last a long time. They’re also unique. Clothing brands release new styles and designs all the time, which means they offer everchanging styles that are relevant to current trends. Most importantly, though, many people appreciate the names attached to clothes. Whether it’s Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Gucci, Versace, or another top designer, people associate names with quality aesthetics and construction.

Which Should You Pick?

All told, when it comes to generic vs. name-brand clothes, the question remains—which one should you pick? This all comes down to how much the name and quality mean to you. Some people simply want clothes that are cost-efficient and wearable that they can put on daily. Therefore, they prefer generic items. Alternatively, if you want the style, class, and name luxury clothing brands provide, you should go with name-brand pieces. These clothing items are stylish, durable, and versatile. However, you’re paying for the name, so don’t expect to fill a whole wardrobe, as this will cost you a lot.