Five Best Home Renovations To Improve Market Value

You might not know this, but if your home isn’t selling, it’s because it isn’t meeting the expectations of prospective homebuyers. Never fear; it’s still possible to catch up and sell your home in a highly competitive market. While you’re discussing potential remodeling projects with your contractors, here are the five best home renovations to improve market value worth mentioning.

Replace the Garage Door

Sometimes, homeowners don’t enjoy the exterior. For starters, if the landscaping doesn’t look nice, or if everything looks damaged in the yard, many potential buyers turn away and head back to their car.

You can prevent this from happening by adding new additions. A new garage door can give you a massive return on investment, which can turn into you receiving close to 94 percent of that cost.

Remodel the Basement

Finishing the basement can add tremendous value. For instance, you can see an increase in return close to $700 if you only spend $1,000 on a renovation. So, while making home improvements, consider remodeling your basement into a livable space if you want an easy way to get more back in your sale.

Renovate the Roof

If your roof looks torn up and has pieces missing, it’s time to bring in a roofer who can help beautify it. There are many different materials you can have on your roof, but you need to install asphalt shingles if you want that home value to increase. Asphalt shingles can yield close to five percent back in your home sale.

Fix Your Siding

If your home’s siding is falling apart, you need to fix it up before you can sell it. Any material you use can make a huge difference in how well your home sells. So, to help you get back more, think about giving your house a “facelift” using stone veneer or vinyl siding.

Replace the Windows

If you’ve finished painting your interior, organizing the house’s layout, and have finished your kitchen remodel, consider replacing the windows next. A simple replacement can draw in 69 percent or more when you close your home.

Use vinyl windows if you want the best cashback on your home remodel. Vinyl is eco-friendly and costs less to install. Additionally, the windows can save future homeowners money on energy costs.

No matter what home renovation you do, they’ll bring you more money when you close the sale. As you move forward in your renovation endeavors, keep our choices for the best home renovations to improve market value when deciding how to compete against other home sellers.