"Screenwriting is like ironing. You move forward a little bit and go back and smooth things out."
Paul Thomas Anderson

Epidemic (Documentary)

Feature Length Film

Logline: How much is too much? Live streamed rapes, deaths, and murders. The proliferation and societal realities of social media.

Synopsis: This documentary is a detailed examination of the elements that led up to and surround key players in some of the most heinous events to occur on social media. A wide range of interviews and information traces each story from multiple platforms and their audiences.

The Hood Survival Guide (Screenplay)

Feature length film, Copyright / Registration PAu 3-832-146, effective June 8th, 2016.
WGA - 1845357

Logline: Two British IT guys use a hood field guide and embark on a quest to retrieve their stolen software from thugs in Detroit.

Synopsis: The Hood Survival Guide is about straight-laced geek Colin and his irrepressible teammate, Daniel when they are robbed in Detroit during a product demo and find themselves on a mission to retrieve their stolen revolutionary software. Determined to recover their software, the two set out on a one-day adventure that takes them through Detroit with only their wits, somehow, navigating drug dealers, hookers, strippers, cops, and terrorists before getting their code back.

The Ark (Novel and Screenplay)

Feature Length Film

Logline: At last, verification of intelligent life in space. But man is pitted against an evolutionary race against time and extinction.

Synopsis: The Ark is set in 2042 and mankind has reached intelligent life in space. Earth and Second Earth must come to terms with the state of man in a race to prevent extinction and end of life warfare.

Lies and Spies - Film Treatment

Noir "whodunnit" based in Las Vegas where all is not what it seems.
WGA - 1814070