Features That Matter Most in a Winter Jacket

Whether or not you’re a winter person, everyone living in a chilly climate needs the perfect cold-weather coat. Suitable clothing can make all the difference if you enjoy the brisk air or if you can’t leave the heat blasting in the car. Not all coats are the same. Here are the features that matter most in a winter jacket.

To Puff or Not to Puff?

Down or synthetic down jackets are ideal choices if you need a maximum amount of warmth with very little weight. They’re excellent for outdoor adventures and traveling because of this combination of features. Although puffer jackets tend to have higher price points, they’re perfect for anyone who struggles to make it through winter.

Expressing Your Style

Are you into stylish peacoats, or are sweaters more your jam? Winter jackets come in all different styles but still have some significant differences from regular clothes. For a night downtown, a simple blazer might suffice. But for a week-long backpacking trip, you might want some more color so that your hiking partner can easily spot you. Having a couple of internal or external pockets might be handy. However, if you always carry around a purse, you might want to pass on the extra bulk.

Waterproof for All Weather

In some regions, one of the most important features that matter most in a winter jacket is whether you’ll be dry as well as warm. Sometimes the design of the fabric’s waterproof outer shell prevents manufacturers from making that same article of clothing insulated. If this is the case, you’ll need to layer up.

The Activity Chooses the Coat

Not all types of jackets can handle strenuous activities. If you aim to go hiking, skiing, backpacking, or doing any other kind of outdoor activity, you’ll need to make sure you find a coat that allows you to move. It’ll also need to be breathable. Some materials wick away moisture while still letting your sweat evaporate.

Choose a jacket that will help you get closer to your goals, whether that’s looking snazzy for a date or staying warm in the great outdoors.