Essential Materials for an Industrial-Chic Interior

Industrial-chic interiors are trendy as of late. This unique trend marries the modernity of industrial warehouses with the rustic aesthetic of farmhouses.

If you want to turn your home into an industrial-chic masterpiece, you have a lot of remodeling and redecorating to do! To help you out, here are seven essential materials for an industrial-chic interior. Incorporate these key materials into your home to capture the modish-yet-traditional feel of this voguish style.

Distressed Wood

Wood is what gives industrial chic the “chicness.” We recommend distressed wood or reclaimed barn wood for raw and rustic charm. Avoid sticking to just one kind of wood. Industrial chic is about that mismatched, imperfect look, which you can achieve by mixing various wood shades and grains.


Metal is a must-have material for an industrial-chic space. As with wood, you want to choose warm and distressed options like copper, steel, and iron. If possible, find a way to incorporate old metal pipes or auto parts into your design. You can also use decorative diamond plate to ramp up the room’s industrialness.


Concrete is a classic commercial material. Use it for both your floors and kitchen counters!

Concrete floors may be cold on the feet, but that’s nothing radiant floor heat or a rug can’t fix. These floors are durable and low maintenance and will really sell that industrial-chic glam. Concrete counters are durable and look a lot like granite.


For an industrial-chic look, pare your room down to the essentials. Bid farewell to bland painted walls and say hello to rough exposed brick. Brick will add texture to your room and make it feel warmer and more welcoming.


Big glass windows, doors, partitions, and mirrors will make your room feel brighter and more open. Don’t forget to incorporate glass tables, hanging mason jar lights, and other glass décor items as well.


Leather looks awesome in any kind of space. For an industrial-chic room, we recommend dark brown or terracotta leather furniture with minimalistic designs. If you don’t want to use real leather, faux leather works just as well.


We don’t recommend using this material excessively, but it makes a fantastic accent material. Use it for your floors or for small décor elements like drink coasters or a lamp body.

Those are the seven essential materials for an industrial-chic interior. Mix and match these elements to create the home of your dreams.