A home defense plan can help protect your household when an intruder breaks in. Read to discover essential home defense gear for gun owners.

Having the right home defense equipment and knowing how to use it will help you react efficiently in an emergency. Many gun owners carry these items around as part of everyday carry. Read to discover essential home defense gear for gun owners.

1. Cell Phone

Always dial 911 immediately if an intruder is in your home. The operator will contact the police and dispatch them to help you. Although it’s a stressful situation, speak slowly and clearly. Stay on the line with emergency services so the dispatcher can guide you.

Keep your voice down to prevent the intruder from hearing you. Most intruders want to steal belongings rather than engage in a physical altercation.

2. Firearm

If you own a concealed carry weapon (CCW), you can use this as your home defense gun. But one reason you might want your home defense and CCW weapons to be different is that CCW guns are generally smaller. You want to hide your concealed weapon, and a full-size firearm is harder to carry discreetly. But a larger gun for home defense has more fighting power.

Follow state and federal gun laws for owning, operating, and storing guns. Train periodically with your home defense weapon to maintain your skills.

3. Flashlight

Another essential home defense item for gun owners is a flashlight. You never want to use your gun without positively identifying your target and clearly seeing the surroundings. Remember that even if you lock your eyes on a threat, you want to avoid ricochets or hitting a bystander.

You can mount a light on your home defense weapon, but you also want to ensure you have a working flashlight. Use the hand-held light for searching and general illumination.

4. Clothing and Armor

It might seem strange to see clothing on a list of home defense gear, but if you’re asleep when an intruder enters your home, you won’t be dressed to defend the house. Clothes can help you feel more comfortable, and you can carry other items in your pockets.

Keep some clothing, like pants and sneakers, near your bed. Add a jacket or coat during colder seasons for more protection.

Many gun owners include body armor in their home defense gear. You can keep body armor near your bed with other clothing essentials. Consider having extra armor somewhere else in the house for more accessibility.

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