Environmental Reasons To Have Stone Veneer Siding

You’ve searched far and wide for the best siding to use instead of reinstalling what you currently have. In this age, many homeowners seek eco-friendly materials to use as siding instead of traditional substances like wood. For many reasons, manufactured stone (stone veneer) is the best siding choice to have on a house. This material emulates the look of natural stone while also offering many unique benefits. Here are three environmental reasons to have stone veneer siding.

Better Insulation

Wood can have trouble providing adequate insulation. A well-maintained home that saves lots on energy costs has enhanced insulation. Manufactured stone is a material that does a better job of keeping the home’s interior climate comfortable while keeping the elements out.

Stone veneer is among the best siding types because it’s easy to make modern and blocks out sudden changes in the weather. Compared to wood siding, it maintains climate control better and keeps the elements out.

Better To Use Than Plastic and Wood

Many manufacturers coat their plastic and wood siding with harmful chemicals you may not know about, especially after mounting the material. But manufactured stone doesn’t require the application of a coating.

In other words, it doesn’t require chemical treatments to gain durability. You won’t need to worry about fires or warping with it either. It’s timeless and saves you more since its maintenance is less extensive than weaker materials.

Less Mining for Natural Resources

The downside to quarried stone is that chemicals have higher runoff rates, causing more toxins to mix with groundwater and disturb nearby ecosystems. However, with new and improved practices and stone alternatives like stone veneer, there’s less of a chance of environmental damage. All in all, stone veneer poses no environmental threat when manufactured correctly.

In many instances, you’ll come across different recommendations for siding materials. Before saying yes to a material, learn about it so that your home doesn’t become environmentally hazardous. Your designer and contractor will know the best materials to use. This is just a quick overview of the environmental reasons to use stone veneer siding on the house, but you can already see why it’s so advantageous.