A Unique Casino for High Rollers

Located at the top of the Encore hotel tower at Wynn | Encore Las Vegas is the Sky Casino.  I thought it might be time I released some of the images I took and give the world a “taste”.

The Encore Sky Casino is one of the most top-secret, high-limit gaming parlors in all of Las Vegas, quite possibly, one of the most secret gambling parlors in the world.  Access to “the sky” is limited to select employees, security, and players.  Additionally, $300,000 is the minimum wager when gambling in the Sky Casino.

The Sky Casino is composed of five gaming salons, private dining rooms, and a lounge.

Private Gaming Parlors Reserved for the Highest of the High Rollers

The five gaming salons on the 63rd floor offer high rollers, or “whales” in gambling circles, a completely private environment. The private rooms, catering to players of the high stakes card game baccarat and other table games, offer views through floor-to-ceiling windows completely unlike Vegas as they provide natural light and outdoor views.

One should also know there’s also an apartment at the very North end of the building adjacent to the Sky Casino, an even greater benefit to a Whale. Wait, maybe this is an additional way to keep the Whale close to the gaming. Hmmm….. clever.

You’ll find some of the most elegant gaming and living space in the world, heck, you might even find a wall clock, but not likely.

Bring your courage, I’ll see you in The Sky.

About Encore Las Vegas

Encore Tower Suites feature the comfort and sophistication of a high-end residence, accented by exquisite details. Guests with Encore Tower Suites reservations enjoy a private drive entrance and registration lounge and access to the exclusive Tower Suites pool.