Easy Ways Men Can Elevate Their Style with Accessories

You may not be able to revamp your whole wardrobe as your style evolves, but you can always add luxe touches that take an outfit to the next level. There are easy ways men can elevate their style—one accessory at a time, upgrading their quality, and branching out from the basics. Often, it’s the little things that reflect your taste, so pay attention to the details.

Embrace Bracelets

It’s becoming more mainstream for men to wear and even layer bracelets, and if you’ve embraced this versatile trend, we applaud you. There are just too many entry-level ways to work a bracelet into your style, from a sentimental homemade gift to a souvenir from your travels. Legitimize the place a bracelet should have in your style and choose upscale versions for even dressier occasions. For you, this could mean a bolder color, more luxurious materials, or unique designs. You can go beyond a predictable chain with a David Yurman cuff or wear high-quality leather in red. Additionally, if you’re into bracelets with meaning, you can try sleek beads made of tiger’s eye and onyx.

Redefine the Baseball Cap

It has such a familiar structure that allows you to wear it to the gym or use it to dress up a blazer. And that’s what gives the baseball cap so much opportunity for individual interpretation. So, stop advertising your favorite team until they pony up for an official endorsement. Upset expectations with caps in more playful materials such as tweed, corduroy, suede, wool, or even fleece. No one will mistake it for a dad hat if it’s intensely bold-colored, like Givenchy’s solid red cap. If you’ve got the confidence, shop for a variation on the basic baseball cap that’s really attention-getting, such as exotic animal leather or Gucci’s leopard print.

Say It with Socks

If you haven’t taken advantage of all the ways that socks can show your style, you’re ignoring a budget-conscious shortcut to distinguish yourself. A sock that surprises—even subtly—is a hint that there’s more to you below the surface: fearlessness, an irreverent sense of humor, and an appreciation for the details. You can start with stripes that aren’t obnoxious or a pineapple motif that will start a conversation. Ready to cause a hubbub? There aren’t many easier ways men can elevate their style than sitting down to give onlookers a glimpse of Versace’s leafy, lush jungle sock.

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