DIY Home Projects That You Shouldn’t Do Yourself
Even if you have years of experience completing your own successful home renovations, there are still many projects that you shouldn’t do yourself.

For many of the weekend warriors in the DIY community, the thought of spending days off on the couch is unthinkable. Many people would rather use the time to tackle a project with a carefully chosen selection of power tools. But there are several reasons why you should leave certain tasks to the professionals. Here are five examples of DIY home projects that you shouldn’t do yourself.

Plumbing Repair

For most homeowners, their understanding of indoor plumbing consists of how to shut off the main water valve and how to use a plunger. Trying to repair or replace pipes can lead to disastrous consequences including burst pipes, additional leaks, and possible fires if the water reaches a source of electricity.

Working With Electricity

You should typically leave wiring and electrical panel work to the experts. Even something as simple as replacing a light fixture carries the risk of contacting live wires. Leaving the job to the professionals also ensures your home complies with codes and standards with which you may not be familiar.

Sheetrock and Drywall Installation

While it might be tempting to save some money, sheetrock and drywall installation are both DIY home projects that you shouldn’t do yourself. Hanging sheetrock or drywall is exhausting work, especially when you have to install it overhead. Aside from the weight, the process is often slow, requiring the skilled touch of a person with years of experience.

Wet and Dry Rot Removal

When working with mold and other fungi, there is always going to be an elevated risk of inhaling potentially toxic particles. If there is a fungus outbreak in your home, it is best to leave the cleanup to those with experience, especially if you suspect wet or dry rot. These can result in the loss of structural integrity of your home if not properly identified and repaired by a licensed professional.

Roof Repairs

Roof work is typically best left to the professionals. This includes the addition, repair, or replacement of gutters, shingles, and skylights, due to the risk of falling from the roof. Failing to hire a professional team for these projects can void the manufacturer’s warranty for roof products and can result in major damage to the rest of your home.

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